Acquire New Members in North Bay & San Francisco

We’re excited by the opportunity to include Redwood credit cards in CardFit to save people in North Bay & SF money on their credit cards.

Pilot With Nickels

Redwood’s credit cards will save people in North Bay & SF money

Over $1.2B in Interest & Fees Charged to people in North Bay & SF by big banks last year.
$145M in Annual Savings Opportunity if people in North Bay & SF were using your credit cards.

Based on CFPB data, people in North Bay & San Francisco were charged an estimated $1.2B in interest and fees on their big bank credit cards last year. Your communities could save roughly $145M each year if they were using your credit cards instead.

Unfortunately, the major card comparison sites like Nerdwallet, Bankrate, and CreditKarma heavily focus on rewards, ignoring the financial benefit of lower rate credit cards for those that sometimes carry a balance.

Sample comparison from Nerdwallet
  1. Heavily promotes big bank credit cards, ignoring great credit union cards like yours.
  2. Assumes everyone pays in full, making big bank rewards cards look better than they are.

Your CardFit is Ready for Pilot

We set you up to save people in North Bay & SF money by providing them simple, dollars-based credit card comparisons based on their actual payment behavior.

This demo is hidden from the public but can go live at your request. We used publicly-available information about your credit cards to build this. We can easily edit any of these card details.

Preview Link:

How drives results
Paid digital
Ads on Facebook, Google, etc. drive traffic from people in your community to CardFit.
SEO and other unpaid CardFit social feeds route users in your region to your version of CardFit
Card comparison
Users see how your credit cards compare to the big banks based on their payment behavior.
Eligibility checking
Nickels leverages Vantage 4.0 to verify eligibility and ensure users will meet your credit thresholds.
Streamlined applications
CardFit ties into loan origination software systems to streamline applications for the users and the credit union.

Your Credit Union. Your CardFit.

Every credit union we work with gets their own CardFit instance, so credit unions don’t compete with other credit unions.

Redwood is ready for launch

Spring 2024 Pilot Opportunity All money from Redwood goes directly into paid digital ads that drive your community to your CardFit.

3 Steps to Go Live


Confirm your field of membership.

Ensure we target the right geographies.


Confirm the credit card product details configured.

Strategize the right offering.


Set your paid digital budget.

We recommend $7k/month for Redwood.

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