Use insights and interventions to make an impact

Nickels uses data you already have to deliver the right campaigns to your consumers, and real results to you.

How Nickels drives results

Automatically Track your consumers’ competitor card habits

Make better use of the data you already have — without additional work — to assess and segment consumers according to their competitor card behavior.

Identify priority consumer segments

Target high priority consumer segments for specific campaigns, like heavy revolvers for refinancing competitor card debt and high-volume transactors for growing deposits.

Launch turnkey, targeted campaigns

Use Nickels’ Marketing Playbooks to launch ready-to-send campaigns tailored to each segment.

Enjoy the results

By reaching the consumers with the highest propensity to take action, you can drive outsized results.

You’re less than 3 days away from insights and impact

Get started without any setup fees or taxing integration work for your team.

Better understand your customers
Improve their competitor card health
Create new cross-sell opportunities