Nickels and Kitsap Credit Union Partner to Support Credit Card Health

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Kitsap members gain access to credit card management tools

Ann Arbor, MI February 23, 2022 — Nickels, a fintech startup, announced today the launch of their partnership with Kitsap Credit Union to provide Kitsap members with tools to support their credit card health.

Almost 40% of U.S. households say they have faced serious financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic and consumers are being charged $116B in interest on their credit cards every year. Through the partnership with Nickels, Kitsap members will get personalized digital support through Credit Card Coach to manage the debt that they may have across all of their credit cards.  

“At Nickels we look across a credit union’s member portfolio and find opportunities to provide better service and savings on their members’ third party credit card debt,” said Joseph Gracia, Founder and CEO, Nickels. “Credit Card Coach will help Kitsap members track their spend across cards leading to more control and improved credit scores.”

In addition to features to manage subscription fees, Credit Card Coach tracks spend across cards and provides insight into what card providers are reporting to the credit bureaus, a key factor for credit scores. 

“We are excited to partner with Nickels to offer Credit Card Coach to our members,” said Chris Robson, Digital Marketing, Kitsap Credit Union. “We always strive to make financial management easier for our members and through this partnership members can use their credit cards more effectively and save money by avoiding interest and added fees.” 

Kitsap Credit Union members can learn more by visiting To learn more about Nickels or to find out if Credit Card Coach is right for your bank or credit union visit