Acquire new members by saving them money

CardFit shows the value of your lower rate credit cards and makes it easy to join your credit union.

Demo CardFit for Your Community

Rewards aren’t worth the high interest rates.

US consumers who sometimes carried a balance on their credit cards were charged over $122B in interest and fees while only earning $11B in rewards last year alone.

How credit card shopping should be

CardFit shows your community simple, dollars-based credit card comparisons based on their actual payment behavior.

How drives results
Paid digital
Ads on Facebook, Google, etc. drive traffic from people in your community to CardFit.
SEO and other unpaid CardFit social feeds route users in your region to your version of CardFit
Card comparison
Users see how your credit cards compare to the big banks based on their payment behavior.
Eligibility checking
Nickels leverages Vantage 4.0 to verify eligibility and ensure users will meet your credit thresholds.
Streamlined applications
CardFit ties into loan origination software systems to streamline applications for the users and the credit union.

Your Credit Union. Your CardFit.

Every credit union we work with gets their own CardFit instance, so credit unions don’t compete with other credit unions.

See how it works for your community

Want to see it for yourself? We’ll build you a free, interactive CardFit demo. No obligation or setup required.