A track record of successful and scaleable behavioral interventions

Nickels is built by a team with a history of designing and delivering software that improves the world at scale.

How it all started

The Nickels team has extensive experience applying behavioral science to solve problems at scale.

If you've ever received a Home Energy Report from your utility company, an Opower whitelabeled product, you've seen the team’s impact.

Opower helped utility companies save enough energy to take all the homes in a city like Boston off the grid for 10 years.

ideas42 is a design lab founded by Harvard academics who wanted to use behavioral insights to drive social good.

Nickels grew out of the ideas42 Venture Studio to combine behavioral science with software to improve financial lives.

The company officially launched in 2019 to help credit unions and banks support their consumers with federal student loan repayments.

When the pandemic struck and the US Government froze nearly all federal student loan payments (for 3+ years), the Nickels team pivoted to another devastating debt category: credit card debt.

Today, Nickels has partnered with dozens of credit unions and banks to improve their consumers’ credit card health.

We have great guidance, to ensure that you do too. Meet our advisors:

Chip Heath

Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford University

Katy Davis

Managing Director, ideas42

Marc Laitin

Studio Lead, ideas42 Ventures

Esther Dyson

Executive Founder, Wellville

Himi Khan

Head of Business Development, Clinc

Corey Stone

Senior Advisor, Financial Health Network