Save your members from high cost credit cards

Nickels provides tools that help you assess your members’ finances and provide solutions where relevant.

More than $120B Annual interest and fees charged to US cardholders
Over $1.1T Outstanding credit card debt in the U.S.

Acquire new members

CardFit shows how your cards save your community money and acquires them as members with digital marketing.

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Engage existing members

Nickels’s Checking Account Analysis makes it easy to understand and act on your members’ competitor credit card debt.

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Works with all major card providers

A CUSO with a behavioral lens

Nickels is built by a team with a history of designing and delivering software that improves the world at scale. We’re deeply committed to working with credit unions to save their communities money and support their financial lives.

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We care about how Americans use their cards and how credit unions can help. Here’s what we’ve shared recently:

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